25mm 4 Core XLPE/SWA/PVC Armoured Cable

25mm 4 Core XLPE/STA/PVC Armoured Cable - 25mm2 4 core XLPE insulated Steel tape armour PVC sheath copper cable
1. U0/U: 600/1000V
2. Standard applied: BS6346
3. Max working temperature: 70°C
4. Conductor
Class 2 stranded plain copper conductors
Class 1 solid plain copper conductor
5. Insulation: XLPE
6. Armour:  Galvanized steel wire
7. Cores: One to Five cores
8. Cross section area: 1.5mm2-630mm2
9. Bedding: PVC bedding
10. Sheath: PVC Sheath
11. Color: Black,or as per request
12. Flame retardant or fire resistance or Low smoking and Halogen free or other property can be available
13. Packed in drum or as per request
YJV22 25mm2 4 core copper conductor XLPE insulated armoured cable parameter:
Nominal thickness of insulation: 0.9mm
Steel tape armoured size: 2*0.3
Fine steel wire dia: 1.6mm
Thick steel wire dia: 4.0mm
Overall dia: 25.5mm
Weight: 1505 kg/km
Current rating (in ground): 150A
Current rating (in air): 140A

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