10mm 3 Core SWA Armoured Cable

Conductor: Stranded or Solid Plain Annealed Copper.
Insulation: XLPE - Thermosetting PVC Insulation.
Bedding: Extruded PVC.
Armour: Galvanized Steel Wire Armour.
Sheath: PVC Black
Application: Designed for use in mains supply electricity. These cables are provided with mechanical protection are therefore suitable for external use and direct burial.
Current Rating: 73 Amps
Nominal O.D - 18.9mm

IEC BS GB and other standard we can also custom armour cables according to customers' requirement.
10mm 3 core steel wire armoured cable parameter:

Nominal thickness of insulation: 
Fine steel wire armour size: 1.6mm
Thick steel wire armour size: 4.0mm

YJV overall dia: 15.4mm
YJV weight: 424 kg/km

YJY overall dia: 15.4mm
YJY weight: 391 kg/km

YJV22 overall dia: 17.5mm
YJV22 weight: 595 kg/km

YJV23 overall dia: 17.5mm
YJV23 weight: 557 kg/km

YJV32 overall dia: 19.5mm
YJV32 weight: 885 kg/km

YJV33 overall dia: 19.5mm
YJV33 weight: 841 kg/km

YJV42 overall dia: 28.4mm
YJV42 weight: 2229 kg/km

YJV43 overall dia: 28.4mm
YJV43 weight: 2164 kg/km

Current rating (in the ground): 89A
Current rating (in the ground): 78A

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