What is single core cable used for?
YJV single core armored cable
YJV single core armored cable:
Usage characteristics:
- rated voltage U0/U 3.6/6kV ~ 26/35kV.
- The maximum allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor: 90℃.
- the maximum temperature of the cable conductor at short circuit (the longest time not exceeding 5S) is not more than 250℃.
- When the cable is laid, the ambient temperature should be no less than 0℃.
- cable bending diameter: three core cable is not less than 15 times of cable diameter; single core cable is not less than 20 times of cable diameter.
Cable rated voltage selection:
- the rated voltage of the cable should be suitable for the operating condition of the cable system, signify with U0/U (Um) kV.
U0 - conductor cable designed for rated voltage or metal shielding;
U - the design of cable conductor rated power frequency voltage;
Um - device can withstand the "highest system voltage" maximum value.

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