Why single core AC cables cannot adopt steel tape armored
Due to the magnetic lines of force, and the number of turnkey generated a current through the cable core in the surrounding magnetic field lines, magnetic field and the line core current size is proportional to, the three core cable, when the three-phase current balance, the cable protecting layer of lead package, armored magnetic flux passing, but in the single core cable, even if the system of three-phase current balance, due to the three core sheath, so the protection layer has magnetic field lines by protecting layer by magnetic lines of force and permeability is proportional to the steel strip for ferromagnetic materials, the permeability is high, therefore, the strip by means of a lot of alternating current is alternating, so in the strip is generated by the alternating magnetic field lines, according to electromagnetic Induction law shows that in the strip will produce eddy current heating cable, when the strip at the two ends of the line grounding and the formation of a closed loop, in strip produced an induced current and its size increases with the increase of current, will produce great loss and effect of heating cable transfer capacity. Therefore, in the communication system, single core cable cannot adopt steel tape armored.

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