Model selection of mining high voltage cables
mining high voltage cable
The type of mining high voltage cable is determined according to the following principles:
(1) the use of aluminum coated cables is strictly prohibited under the well;
(2) fixed installation cable should adopt armored cable. In the vertical shaft or the angle 45 and above the well lane, should use steel wire armored cable;
(3) the level error of the cable actual laying should be adapted to the level error of allowing laying according to regulation.
(4) in the inlet shaft, inset and its vicinity, the central substation to mining area between electric cable, can adopt the aluminum core and other locations of cable must use copper core.
(5) chamber and wooden support of roadway in laying the cable, the bare armoured cable; or the cable of the jute skin peeling;
(6) high voltage cables used in mobile substations must be monitored with shielded rubber sheathed cables;
(7) the cable should be provided with sufficient cross sections for the protection of the conductor.

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