How to select suitable high voltage cable
high voltage cable type
1. according to the voltage level of the cable laying, location and operating environment, selection of cable insulation type (such as PVC and XLPE, rubber insulating oxide etc);
2. According to the cable laying environment, selection of cable jacket protection (such as steel tape armour, steel wire armored, etc.);
3. according to voltage level of cables, select the rated voltage of the cable;
4. According to the cable loop rated current, selection of cable cross section.
5. so-called 10kV cable selection does not consider the carrying capacity, is that the power system short-circuit current thermal stability value is relatively high, according to the thermal stable value selected the minimum section of cable has great (such as 180 mm2 or 240 mm square cross section), in this section of the load flow range, regardless of the size of the load current, all according to the thermal stability minimum cross section select cable.

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