What is full form of pvc cable?
PVC - polyvinyl chloride
PVC insulated wire and cable
PVC insulated wire and cable products are devided into fixed wiring with non sheathed cables, fixed wiring sheath cable, light non-sheath flexible cable, general purpose sheath flexible cable, installation wire and shielded wire, special purpose sheath flexible cable, PVC flame retardant insulation resistance fire cable and other products. As PVC is a thermoplastic polymer, PVC cables are suitable for applications where they may be exposed to high or low temperatures (including use of arctic-grade PVC for extreme low conditions), or where protection against UV light is required to avoid degradation. PVC has good insulation properties but low corona resistance, and is best suited for low and medium voltage cables and low frequency insulation requirements.
Product Range:
PVC insulated Heavy duty cables up to 3.3 kv
PVC insulated Control Cables Up to 61 cores in Voltage grade 650/1100 V
PVC insulated Mining Cable
PVC insulated Flexible Cable
PVC insulated electrical wiring Cable
The difference between PVC cable and XLPE cable:
In the context of electrical cables, PVC and XLPE are two materials used as insulation. XLPE has got more capacity to hold on incase of high temperature. XLPE will not deteriorate it's insulating property until it reaches 90℃. It will not suddenly lose it's insulating property if the themperature jumps just above 90℃. But the overall life of the cable will be reduced. PVC can withstand temperatures only upto 70℃. 
PVC is cheaper than XPLE, hence it's find it's place in market today. 
PVC is a thermo plastic where as XLPE is thermosetting plastic. 
PVC - Poly Vinyl chloride 
XLPE - Cross linked Poly Ethylene
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