What is the difference between xlpe and pvc insulated cable?
xlpe and pvc cable
-> The difference between xlpe and pvc insulated cable:
1. low voltage crosslinked polyethylene(XLPE) cable since the mid - ninety 's put into application, the development is rapid, the current has been occupied half of the share with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable. Compared with PVC cable, the XLPE cable has high load capacity, strong overload capacity, long service life (PVC cable under the good environment the thermal life is 20 years, while the XLPE cable is generally 40 years); PVC burning will release a large number of black smoke and toxic gases, and XLPE burning will not produce halogen toxic gases, the superiority of the cross-linked cable is known increasingly by various departments.
2. Ordinary PVC wire and cable (insulation and sheath) combustion speed is quick, fueling the fire, 1 - 2 minutes can loss the capability of power supply, the combustion and decomposition release black smoke and can up to not see his hand, resulting in respiratory and evacuation difficulty. Even more serious is that during the combustion of PVC, will breakdown and release hydrogen chloride (HCl) and dioxins and other toxic corrosive halogen gas, is the main reason of fire death-dealing in the fire(occupy 80% of fire death factors), and dilute hydrochloric acid electric membrane attached to the electrical equipment, seriously degrade the equipment insulation performance and the formation of secondary disaster, which is difficult to remove.
-> Electrical, mechanical, weatherability contrast table:

polyvinyl chloride insulated cable

(PVC insulated cables)

Cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable

(XLPE insulated cable)

Long-term Working Temperature 70℃ 90℃
Highest working temperature of short circuit 160℃ 250℃
Carrying capacity(A) a 1.25a
Dielectric constant(20℃,60Hz) 8 2.3
Tensile strength(Mpa) 20 23
Elongation(%) 100-400 450-600
Volume resistivity(Ω·m) 1010-1013 1016~1018
Dielectric loss tangent(20℃,60Hz) 0.04-0.12 0.0002-0.0003
The breakdown field strength(MV/m) 20-35 35-50
Brittleness temperature℃ -40 -60
Softening temperature℃ 120 120
Thermal conductivity(W/m·K) 0.15 0.48
Water quantity(%) 0.8 <0.01
Oxygen index 30 18
Resistance to acid and alkali, and climate good ~ best best
Whether containing halogen containing do not contain
Toxicity index 15.01 1.77
Cable diameter D 0.92D
Service life (year) 20 30

-> Toxicity index comparison table:
Gas Gas concentrationCQ(ppm) Dangerous concentrationsCQ (ppm)
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE)
CO 5525 1971 4000
CO2 46300 125400 100000
HCL 6173 0 500
NO2 1.5 3.6 250
SO2 3.25 1.8 400
Toxicity index 15.01 1.77  

Summary: cross linked polyethylene insulation cable in the electrical performance, heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, resistance to climate and toxicity are better than PVC insulated cable.

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