cat6 swa cable introduction - Marine cable
Cat6 is an Ethernet and other network protocol cable standard, suitable for 100BaseTx, 10BaseT & 1000BaseT (Gigabit Ethernet) applications. The cable has copper wire braid armoured and fire retardant anti mud sheath, can provide additional mechanical protection, while maintaining the softness of the cable.
IEC 60332-3-22
IEC 60754-1,2
IEC 61034-1,2
NEK 606:2004
Conductor: 23AWG solid copper conductor
Insulation: HDPE
Stranded: two color insulated wire twisted together to become a couple
Gasket layer: flame retardant low smoke halogen free polyolefin, black.
Armor: 0.2/0.3mm Copper wire braided
Outer sheath: low smoke halogen free polyolefin.
Mechanical and thermal properties:
Bending radius: 8 x OD (installation); 4 * OD (fixed installation)
Temperature range: -30℃ - +75℃
cat6 swa cable diameter and weight:
Diameter(mm) Nominal thickness of insulation (mm) Nominal thickness of sheath  (mm) Nominal diameter  (mm) Nominal weight  (kg/km)
Inner Outer
4×2×0.58 0.23 0.8 1.14 11.6 214

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