What is the YJV cable? YJV is copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable
Insulation-YJ xlpe;
The conductor material - no mark copper core, L is aluminum core;
The inner protective layer - V PVC sheath;
YJV cable is mainly used for indoor, tunnel, pipeline and cable trench, laying in the loose soil and does not bear the mechanical tension and pressure.
Special attention: single core cable not allowed laying in the magnetic material of the pipeline, so as to avoid the decline of ampacity of cable.
Using the characteristics of YJV cable:
The conductor of the highest temperature of 90℃;
The conductor temperature does not exceed 250℃, short duration is not exceeding 5s;
Cable when the ambient temperature should be no less than 0℃.
The minimum bending radius is not less than the following provisions:
Single core cable: non armoured cable 20D, armoured cable 15D;
Three core cable: non armoured cable 15D, armoured cable 12D.
Note: D is the actual outer diameter of cable.

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