Steel Wire Armoured SWA cable sizes chart and prices in uk
Cable protection layer can be divided into inner and outer protective layer of  two kinds, the sheath in the cable insulation layer is called inner protection layer, and the outer layer capping mass is called outer shield.
The outer protective layer is mainly composed of the lining layer, the outside layer, armor layer.
(1) inside liner
Role: in armouring layer process, prevent the inside layer bump by the armor layer; in laying operation, can resist intrusion of external corrosion medium, prevent metal sheath (inner protecting layer) and the contact of the external corrosion medium, prolong the service life of the cable.
(2) armored layer
Function: to prevent the cable in the process of installation or operation encounter the mechanical damage, in order to ensure the inner shield integrity, and can withstand a certain external force.
(3) jacket
Role: the main is to protect the armor layer, prevent the armoring layer damaged during installation procedure. The tegument layer composed of a plastic sheath can prevent the armoring layer from corrosion during operation.
SWA cable is one of armoured cables, Steel Wire Armoured Cable models:
22 -- PVC sheath double steel tape lapping armor;
23 -- PE sheath double steel tape lapping armor;
32 -- PVC sheath thin steel wire armor;
33 -- PE sheath thin steel wire armor;
42 -- PVC sheath thick steel wire armoring;
43 -- PE sheathed thick steel wire armoured;
92 -- PVC sheath steel wire braiding armoured;
SWA cable sizes chart:
SWA cable sizes chart
Steel Wire Armoured SWA Cable price in UK:
Foreign armoured cable production mainly concentrated in several developed countries, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Russia, Southeast Asia has no manufacturers, but as long as the chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation industry need temperature measurement, need also for armored cable.
Power cable industry in UK, the most famous cable manufacturer in UK is Belden Wire & Cable Company, Belden products are available, more excellent quality of the product to be praised. ISO9001 and ISO9002 quality certificates are obtained for all Belden factories, which is the first of the wire and cable industry. At the same time, Belden high quality products have become a model in the industry.
So under such a powerful competitors, Henan Jiapu want to take a place in UK, it is so difficult. but Jiapu people don't believe in completing tasks, by virtue of professional cables products, lowest price and first-class service, our cables finally delivery to UK.

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