PVC electrical cable - PVC insulated PVC sheathed armoured power cable
PVC insulated cable wire products are divided into fixed wiring non-sheathed cable, fixed wiring sheathed cable, light non-sheathed flexible cable, general purpose sheathed cable, installation wire and shielded wire, special purpose sheathed flexible cable, PVC insulation flame retardant / fire resistant cable and other products.
PVC electrical cable:
PVC electrical cable
Definition 1: made by a single or a plurality of mutually insulated conductor and outsourcing insulation protection layer, will transfer power or information from one place to another.
Definition 2: it is one kind of cable usually by a few or several groups of wires (each containing at least two) twisted like a rope, each wire are insulated from each other and often around a single central torsion, the entire outside is package highly insulating cover layer. The cable has the characteristics of internal electricity and external insulation.
PVC armoured power cable:
PVC armoured power cableApplicable scope:
PVC insulated PVC sheathed armoured power cable, referred to as the plastic power cable. Mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated voltage (U0/U) 3.6/6KV and below  power line for transmission and distribution.
Product standard:
Usage characteristics:
1. the highest rated temperature of the cable conductor is 70°C
2. short circuit (the longest duration shall be no more than 5S) the highest temperature of the cable conductor is no more than 160°C.
3. the ambient temperature of laying cable should be no less than 0°C, the minimum bending radius is not less than 15 times of cable diameter.
Type, model and application:
YJLV YJV: PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable, laying in the interior, cable trench, tunnel, pipe, cable can not withstand mechanical force
YJV22 YJLV22: PVC insulated PVC sheathed steel tape armoured, laying at the underneath, cable can bear external mechanical forces, but can not bear large pulling force
YJV32 YJLV32: PVC insulated PVC sheathed fine steel wire armoured power cable,  laying in the underground, shaft, water, can bear large pulling force

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