PC to PC cable type - Computer cable
PC to PC cable type - Computer cable
This product is applicable to the rated voltage of 500V and below high anti interference of electronic computers and automatic connection cable. Cable core conductor insulation adopts K type B class low density polyethylene with anti oxidation property.
Structure and use characteristics of computer cable:
1, conductor material: copper conductor, (1 types single conductor, 2 class 7 pieces cross conductor, 3 types multistrand conductor)
2, insulation material: polyethylene insulation: red, black, white, temperature range: 0-90℃
3, filling material: high temperature polyester tape, plastic filler
4, shielding materials: copper wire shielding, shielding, shielding copper foil
5, material: steel armor, armored steel wire armored
6, sheath material: Black PVC sheath, temperature range: 0- 70℃
7, AC rated voltage U0/U:300/500V; cable conductor term allows maximum operating temperature: polyvinyl chloride insulated 70 ℃, 105℃; polyethylene insulation is 70℃; cross-linked polyethylene insulation is 90℃ (cross-linked insulation types can be classified as silane cross-linking, radiation cross-linking).
8, the lowest ambient temperature: fixed laying -40℃; non-fixed laying: -15℃. installation ambient temperature: not less than 0℃.
9, allowed minimum bending radius: metallic tape wrapped shielding or steel wire and steel tape armored cable is not less than 12 times of cable diameter; non - armoured flexible cables or braided shielding cables are not less than 6 times of cable diameter.
In order to reduce the mutual interference between the circuit and the external disturbance, the cable adopts the shield structure. The shielding requirement of the cable is to be used in different occasions, such as the combination of the twisted pair, the total shielding of the twisted pair and the total shielding of the twisted pair combination. Shielding materials are round copper wire, copper strip, aluminum strip / plastic composite tape three. The shielding pair has better insulating performance with the shield, and if the cable is in use, if the potential difference between the shielding pair occurs, the transmission quality of the signal can not be affected.
Computer cable conductor type:
Nominal cross section conductor Conductor number / single wire diameter (mm) Conductor number / single wire diameter (mm) Conductor number / single wire diameter (mm) 20℃ Conductor dc resistance (Ω/km) 20℃ Conductor dc resistance (Ω/km)
mm2 A B R A、B R
0.5 1/0.80 7/0.30 16/0.20 ≤ 36.0 ≤ 39.0
0.75 1/0.97 7/0.37 24/0.20 ≤ 24.5 ≤ 26.0
1 1/1.13 7/0.43 32/0.20 ≤18.1 ≤19.5
1.5 1/1.38 7/0.52 30/0.25 ≤12.1 ≤13.3
2.5 1/1.78 7/0.68 49/0.25 ≤ 7. 41 ≤ 7. 9 8

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