Medium Voltage Cable testing voltage

Rated voltage (Uo/U) Working voltage (Um) Testing voltage (rms)
3.8/6.6KV 7.2KV 15KV
6.35/11KV 12KV 25.5KV
8.7/15KV 17.5KV 35KV
12.7/22KV 24KV 51KV
19/33KV 36KV 76KV

Single core 6.35/11KV (Um=12KV)
Single core 8.7/15KV (Um=17.5kV)
Single core 12.7/22KV (Um=24kV)
Single core 19/33KV (Um=36kV)
Rated current 3.8/6.6KV (Um=7.2KV), 6.35/11KV (Um=12KV) & 8.7/15KV (Um=17.5KV)
Rated current 12.7/22KV (Um=24KV)
Rated current 19/33KV (Um=36KV)

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