MC cable - Interlocking metal clad armored cable
Interlocking metal clad armored cable

MC cable - Interlocking metal clad armored cable is currently the world's most advanced metal band armored cable. The products use inline lock type metal tape armoured and solve the special requirements of the cable in the specific system security, rust proof, tensile, bending, resistance to external mechanical force injury, greatly improve the system operation safety. The excellent performance of various parts of the material, so that the finished cable in corrosion resistance, safety, resistance to pressure, bending, performance and other aspects have excellent performance, meet the needs of the relevant power line network and so on. The cables are directly buried in the wall of the building, installation convenience, in modern office buildings, modern buildings, factories and mines, and other basic industries have widely use.
MC armored cable parameter:
Size: 14AWG-1000 kcmil
Voltage: 600V/2000V
MC Cable is constructed with soft-drawn copper, THHN/THWN conductors rated 90°C dry available in sizes 14 AWG through 2 AWG, and green insulated grounding conductor. The conductors are cabled together and binder tape bearing the print legend is wrapped around the assembly. Aluminum interlocking armor is applied over the assembly. Refer to color chart for conductor color sequence.
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