Low voltage 4 core swa cable dimensions with low smoke halogen free fire-resistant
Low smoke halogen free fire-resistant cable:
Low smoke halogen free fire-resistant cableLow smoke halogen wire and cable in the case of flame burning produce little smoke, the release of gas without halogen elements, non-toxic. When fire occurs, it can greatly reduce the harm to human and equipment, and is widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large libraries, stadiums, disaster prevention and command scheduling, station and civil airport, passenger waiting room, key cultural relics protection places and subway, underground shopping malls or crowded public places.
Product standard:
This product can be produced according to GB/T 12706, GB12666,GB/T17650, GB/T17651. At the same time, can also be designed according to user needs and recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC standards, Britain BS standard, German standard DIN, ICEA standard in the United States and Japan JIS standard.
Technical performance:
Low smoke halogen free fire-resistant cableThe highest temperature of the electric wire and cable conductor at normal operation and short circuit (not exceeding 5S):
Low smoke and low halogen PVC insulation is 70℃, and the maximum temperature is no more than 160℃;
The insulation of the crosslinked polyethylene was 90℃, and the insulation of thermoplastic low smoke halogen free polyolefin was 80℃, and the maximum temperature of the short circuit was not more than 250℃. Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene insulation was 105℃.
4 core low smoke halogen free fire-resistant swa cable dimensions chart:
4 core low smoke halogen free fire-resistant swa cable

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