High voltage XLPE insulation power cable specification
High voltage XLPE insulation power cable specification

High voltage XLPE power cable (voltage: 64/110KV, standard: GB/T, IEC, BS; 127/220KV, 290/500KV)
Construction: conductor - conductor shielding - insulation - insulation shielding layer - water-resistant layer - metal shielding - metal sheath - asphalt layer - sheath layer
XLPE cable has excellent electrical properties, the dielectric loss than paper insulation and PVC insulation are smaller, capacitance of XLPE cable 
is also small, the charging current and the grounding fault current can be reduced in the system without effective star grounding system. Easy installation is one of the major advantages of the XLPE cable, compared with other power cable, XLPE cable bending radius is small, light weight, simple processing terminal, due to the XLPE cables are not oily, so in the laying of the time don't have more consideration for a line, there can not appear due to drip oil not be laid.
Excellent anti-aging properties and superior heat resistance decide that the cable in the normal operating temperature 90℃, short fault 130℃, and short circuit 250℃ can load large current.

High voltage XLPE insulation power cable specification:
YJV YJLV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable
YJY, YJLY XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable
YJLW02, YJLLW02 XLPE insulated wrinkle aluminum sleeve PVC sheathed power cable
YJLW03, YJLLW03 XLPE insulated wrinkle aluminum sleeve sheathed power cable
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