Electrical cable definition, construction and distributors
Electrical cable is used for transmission and distribution, power cable is commonly used in urban underground power grid, power station leads lines, industrial and mining enterprises in the internal power supply and over the river. In the power line, the proportion of the cable is gradually increasing. Electrical cable is used for transmission and distribution of high power cable products in the main line of power system, including 1-500KV and above all kinds of voltage level, all kinds of insulated power cable.
According to voltage level:
1, low voltage cable: suitable for fixed laying in the AC 50Hz, rated voltage 3KV and the following transmission and distribution lines for transmission of electrical energy.
2, medium and low voltage cables (generally refers to 35KV and below): PVC insulated cables, polyethylene insulated cables, crosslinked polyethylene insulated cables, etc.
3, high voltage cables: (generally more than 110KV and above): polyethylene cables and cross linked polyethylene insulated cables, etc.
4, ultra high voltage cable: (275 - 800 thousand volts).
5, extra high voltage cable: (1 million volts and above).
Electrical cable construction:
The basic structure of the power cable is composed of four parts: the wire core (conductor), the insulation layer, the shield layer and the protective layer.
Wire core
The wire core is the conductive part of the power cable, which is used to transport the electric power and is the main part of the power cable.
Insulation layer
The insulation layer is an indispensable component of the electric cable structure, which is separated from the core of the wire and the earth and the different phases of the earth, and is electrically isolated from each other.
Shielding layer
15KV and above the electric power cable generally has the conductor shield layer and the insulation shield layer.
Protective layer
The protective layer is a protective layer to protect the power cable from the external impurities and moisture intrusion, as well as to prevent direct damage to the external power cable.
Electrical cable distributors:
There are many manufacturers of power cables all over the world, only in China, there are more than 200 suppliers. In which famous distributors are ZMS, Huadong, Jiapu, Tongda, People, Tinde, Pingyuan, etc.
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