DJYJPVRP22 armoured flexible cable
sheathed flexible cableDJYJPVRP22 sheathed flexible cable advantages:
(1) the tensile strength is larger than general PVC cable: General PVC wire tensile strength is greater than 1.05Kgf/mm2, while the low smoke halogen wire tensile strength is greater than 1.2Kgf/mm2;
(2) good weather resistance (-30℃~105℃);
(3) good flexibility (hardness is 90 - 80);
(4) non shifting (because this product formula without adding plasticizer, so there will be transitional);
(5) when it burns, it will not produce toxic black smoke (small amount of white smoke);
(6) high volume resistivity: PVC wire is generally 1012-1015 Ω/cm3, low smoke free halogen cable is greater than 1016 Ω/cm3;
(7) with good resistance to high pressure characteristics: PVC wire is generally resistant to more than 10KV, while the low smoke free halogen wire can up to 15KV;
(8) good elasticity and viscosity.

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