Buried cable precautions
The cable path may cause cable from mechanical injury, chemical action, underground current, vibration, thermal effects, humic substances, harmful pest and other areas, should take protective measures.
Cable buried depth should meet the following requirements:
The distance from the ground surface of the cable should not be less than 0.7m. through farmland should not be less than 1m. in the buildings and underground buildings and underground buildings located around the intersection, can be shallow, but should take protective measures.
The cable should be buried in the frozen soil layer below, when subject to conditions, should be taken to prevent cable damage measures.
Cable, power cable and other pipelines, roads, buildings etc. between parallel and cross the minimum distance, should comply with the provisions of 5.4.3. No table above or below the cable laid in the pipeline.
Between the power cable and cable control cable or different departments using the, when the cable tube wear or are separated by a baffle plate parallel spacing can be reduced to 0.1m.
Between the power cable, control cable and between them, between different departments using the cable in the intersection before and after 1m range, when the cable is penetrated into the pipe or separator separated. The cross spacing can be reduced.
Cable and heat pipe (ditch), oil pipeline (ditch), combustible gas and combustible liquid pipeline (ditch), thermal equipment or other pipeline (ditch), although spacing can meet the requirements, but a pipe line maintenance may hurt the cable. In the intersection before and after 1m range, there should be protective measures taken; when the cross spacing can not meet the requirements, should the cable penetration tube, the spacing can be reduced.
Cable and heat pipe (ditch) and thermal equipment in parallel, cross, should take insulation measures, the cable around the soil temperature does not exceed 10 degrees.
When the DC cable and electrified railway tracks parallel to the cross distance can not meet the requirements, measures should be taken to prevent galvanic corrosion.
Cable and railway, roads, urban streets, factory road cross should be deposited is arranged on the strong protection tube or tunnel. Cable duct of both sides should be out of the road on both sides of the 2m; out the drainage ditch 0.5m; on the city's streets should be out of the lane.
Direct buried cable and the bottom shop with not less than 100mm thick soft soil or sand, and stamped with the protective plate, the coverage width should be more than the cable on both sides of the 50mm, the protective plate can be the concrete cover or brick. The soft soil or sand should not be stone or other hard debris.
Cable buried in the straight line section every 50 to 100m, cable connector, corner, enter a building, etc. at should set a clear compass marks or stake. Buried cable before the backfilling shall be qualified through acceptance of concealed work. Backfill should be compacted layer by layer.

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