BS 5467 armoured cable 4 core - solid aluminium or copper conductor
armoured cable 4 core
Execution standard:
Among various kinds of international standards, Jiapu cable products can according to customers' need, accord with British standard (BS2863/4006/5308/5467/5468/6004/6007/6141/6300/6346/6360/6387/ 6425/6500/6724/6746/6853/6899/7211/etc), European standard(EN50173/50264/50265/50266/50288/50306/50382/ 10257-1:1998/ 10257-2:1998/ 186003:1994/ 186160:1997/ 1862:1998 etc), French standard(NF CR1 C1/F 16-101/F 63-826/F 63-808/F 63-827/ C32-321/ C32-322/ C32-070 etc), German standard(DIN5510/51900|/VDE0281/0282/0295/0245/0812/0814/0276 etc),American standard(RS 485/422/232/423/568|ANSI/UL83/1063/44/1581)、Portugal's standard(NP), Spain's standard(UNE211002/21123/211025/21150)、International Electrotechnical Commission Standard(IEC11801/60502-1/60502-2/60332-1/60332-3/60331/60754-1/61034/61156/60228 etc), international standard(ISO 9001/14000/4589-3)etc.
This cable is used for the power and control circuit, the cable steel wire armored play the role of good protective effect. So it can be used for building interior or buried underground.
Conductor: solid aluminum or copper conductor, 2 kinds of multi - circular or sector, followed by BS 6360/IEC 60228
Insulation: XLPE (Crosslinked polyethylene) GP 8 class or ethylene propylene rubber GP 6 class
Encoding color:
4 core: blue, brown, black, gray
5 core: yellow green, blue, brown, black, gray
more than 5 core: white wire core addition black digital logo
Liner: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
single core: AWA (aluminium wire armour)
Multi core: SWA (steel wire armored)
Outer sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), or anti rat PVC (optional).
Technical parameters:
Rated voltage: 600/1000V
Rated temperature: 0°C to +90°C 
Bending radius:
1.5mm2 to 16mm2: 6D diameter
25mm2 and above: 8D diameter
Fireproofing: IEC60332 first part, BS4066 Part 1
600/1000 V armoured cable 4 core, many strands of copper conductor:
armoured cable 4 core

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