70mm 4 core swa cable supplier in Singapore
70mm 4 core swa cable -> 70mm 4 core swa cable usage:
70mm 4 core swa armoured cable is suitable for the circuit with AC 50HZ, rated voltage 0.6/1KV, can be used in the power supply and distribution.
1. the highest rated temperature of the cable conductor is 70℃.
2. the maximum temperature of the cable conductor is not more than 60℃ at the time of the short circuit (the longest duration is not more than 5S).
3. when the cable is not less than 0℃, the minimum bending radius should not less than 10 times of the cable diameter.
 -> VV series cable operation conditions:
1. when the cable temperature is not less than 0℃, the ambient temperature is not lower than the temperature of the cable, the cable shall be warmed.
2. the bending radius is not less than 2 times of the outer diameter of the cable.
3. after cable laying, should be subjected to DC withstand voltage test, the time is 15 min, the test voltage is 3.5KV.
 -> Laying in air:
1. single core cable parallel laying, the central distance below 185mm2 is 2 times of the cable diameter, above 240mm2, is 90mm.
2. ambient temperature: 30℃.
3. the maximum allowable temperature of the conductor wire: 70℃.
4. correction factors for different ambient temperature:
Environment temperature:20℃   25℃   35℃   40℃   45℃
Correction factor:1.12   1.06   0.94   0.87   0.79
-> Buried:
1. single core electricity is not exposed, the central distance is 2 times of cable diameter.
2. ambient temperature: 25℃.
3. the maximum allowable temperature of the conductor wire core: 70℃.
4. soil thermal resistance coefficient: 1.0℃.M/w.
5. straight flat deep test: 0.7m.
6. different ambient temperature download flow correction factor:
70mm 4 core swa cable
Environment temperature:15℃   20℃   30℃   35℃
Correction factor:1.11   1.05   0.94   0.88
Conductive wire core highest temperature when short circuit: 160℃
The maximum allowable short circuit current: I=94S√tA
-> 70mm 4 core swa cable suppliers:
There are many armoured cable suppliers in China, such as Huadong, ZMS, Jiapu, Tinde, Dongfeng, and many small commercial companies. In which Henan Jiapu is the famous wire & cable manufacturer in China, and our products have exported to many countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Colombia, Chile, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and other countries.
We can supply 70mm 4 core swa cable, but also can design single core armoured cable, 2 core armored cable, 3 core armour cable, 5 core cable, we also can custom special armoured cables according to customers' need. If you have any need, pls contact us by E-mail: gaom@jpcable.net

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