6mm swa cable rating - YJV 6 sq mm xlpe insulated armour cable
6mm swa cable
When armouring is required, the armour consists of single layer of galvanised steel wires/galvanized steel tapes.
The armour is applied helically as per standards. Single core cables are armoured with aluminium wire or copper wires based on customers' requirement.
No. of cores Identification:
1 core: Red or Black Brown or Blue
2 core: Red & Black Brown, Blue
3 core: Red, Yellow Blue Brown, Black, Grey 
4 core: Red, Yellow, Blue & Black Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
5 core: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Y/G Blue, Brown, Black, Grey & Y/G
6mm swa cable rating value:
6 square mm copper power line safe carrying capacity ---48A
Non armor: YJV3 * 6mm2, Calculated diameter 18mm (including insulation)
Armoured: YJV22 3×6mm2 Calculated diameter 21.13mm (including external insulation and steel armor)
The above values are only as reference, If you want to know 6 mm2 armoured cable accurate parameter or other model power cables, please contact us by E-mail gaom@jpcable.net.

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