4mm steel wire armoured cable
4mm steel wire armoured cable
Type: YJV32

Specification: 1.5-240 mm
The whole plate length: 100-500m
Cable color: black
Rated voltage: 600/1000V
Conductor: copper
Insulation: XLPE
Sheath: PVC

4mm steel wire armoured cableSteel wire armoured cable features:
1. High purity oxygen free copper wire:
Jiapu cable use 99.9% high purity oxygen free copper wire, good oxidation resistance, good electrical conductivity, not easy to fever, constant and stable.
2. Low resistance, saves the electricity:
Low resistance, high electrical conductivity.
3. Low eccentricity ratio, uniform thickness:
To prevent breakdown, security.
4. High quality PVC, safe environmental protection:
Jiapu used PVC has the tenacity, should not be broken, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good flame retardant performance.
5. Laser printing, rub off:
Long time use is not easy to rub off, the logo is clear.
YJV32 YJLV32 600/1000V 4 core XLPE insulation thin steel wire armoured PVC/PE sheathed power cable technical parameter:

4mm steel wire armoured cable rating: http://www.armoured-cable.net/knowledge/Armoured-cable-ratings-voltage.html

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