35mm swa cable with low price
The swa armoured cable is suitable for using in power installations, fixed wiring or flexible connections for electrical appliances like lighting, electronic equipment, instrument and communication equipment with rated voltage 450/750V or less.
The product is manufactured according to the standard of GB12706 or IEC、BS、DIN and ICEA upon request.
YJV power cable character:
1. power cable YJV DC resistance: 20℃, 0.5mm copper wire, less than 95Ω/km.
2. YJV power cable insulation electrical strength: between the conductors 1kV 1min without breakdown, the conductor and the shield 3KV 1min without breakdown.
3. YJV power cable insulation resistance: each core wire and the rest of the core grounding, power cable YJV is greater than 10000MΩ.km, power cable YJV is greater than 3000MΩ.km.
4. YJV power cable working capacity: the average value is 52 ± 2nF/km.
35mm swa cable:
35mm swa cable
Rated Voltage: 0.6/1KV
Current: AC cable
Conductor: Copper/Aluminum
Insulation: PVC
Sheath: PVC/PE
Armour: Steel wire armoured
Number of cores:1,2,3,4,5,4+1,3+2 core
Nominal section:35 mm2
Market: Southeast Asia,Europe,South America,Africa.
A) XLPE insulated cable can be produced and provided according to IEC60502.
B) PVC insulated cable can be produced and provided according to IEC60505.
C) Other producing standards,BS,ASTM and DIN,allowed to our factory.
35mm SWA steel wire armoured cable structure:
Conductor: class 1/2 annealed bare copper solid or strands. This wires are formed into final conductor in the stranding machines under strict quality surveillance.
Insulation: XLPE or PVC is insulated over the conductors by extrusion process. The raw materials and thicknesses of insulation are maintained as per standards and conform to IEC60502/BS7870 Standards as the case.
Armour: When armouring is required, the armour consists of single layer of galvanised steel wires/galvanized steel tapes.
The armour is applied helically by per standards. 
Single core cables are armoured with Aluminium Wires or Copper wires based on requirement.
Outersheath: Standard cables are manufactured with extruded black PVC.
SWA Armoured Cable are identified by colour or numbers as follows:
1 Red or Black Brown or Blue
2 Red & Black Brown, Blue
3 Red, Yellow Blue Brown, Black, Grey 
4 Red, Yellow, Blue & Black Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
5 Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Y/G Blue, Brown, Black, Grey & Y/G

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