Outdoor electrical cable model
Outdoor electrical cable
(1) in the general environment and the place should adopt the aluminum core cable; in the vibration and with special requirements place, should use the copper core cable; the larger important public buildings should adopt copper core cable.
(2) cable laying underground, it is necessary to adopt armored cable with protecting layer. In the place where there is no mechanical damage, the lead (AL) cable with outer sheath or plastic sheath cable are also used.
(3) in the soil displacement may occur (such as swamp, sand flow, large buildings) buried cable, should use steel wire armored cable, or take measures (such as reserve the cable length, sheet pile or row piles soil reinforcement) due to the elimination of cable displacement effect on the cable stress.
(4) in the soil with chemical corrosion or stray current corrosion, it is not suitable to use the buried cable. If must be buried, should use anti-corrosion cable or to take measures to prevent stray current corrosion cable.
(5) laying in pipe or cable row tube, should adopt plastic sheathed cable, also can use bare armored cable.
(6) the cable in the cable trench or in the cable tunnel shall not be used for the protection of flammable and combustible. Adopt the bare armored cable and bare lead (aluminum) cable or plastic sheathed cable.
(7) the overhead cable should be used cable with outer sheath or plastic cable.
(8) when the cable laying in large height places, should adopt plastic insulated cable, non-draining cable or dry insulation cable.
(9) power cable used in three-phase four-wire system, four core cable should be used.

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