High voltage 25mm electrical cable
WDZA-YJLHV 22 is a kind of high toughness aluminum alloys with interlocking armored type 90 degree  XLPE insulated single core or multi-core flame retardant alloy cable.
Product standards:
1, GB/T12706.1-12706.3KV
1, the rated voltage of GB/T12706-2008 1KV (Um=1.2KV) to 35KV (Um=40.5KV) extruded insulation power cables and accessories.
2, GB/T19666
Incoterms 2, GB/T19666
3, WRL.J01.004
4.ASTM B800-05
The characteristics of the product:
*The independent research and development of 8000 Series aluminum alloy conductor, performance beyond American ASTMB80005 standard performance requirements, and has high electric conductivity, good creep resistance, high flexible, high elongation, low rebound, connecting stability characteristics. *Armor made of high strength 5000 aluminum alloy with interlocking armour, strong toughness, good flexibility, excellent Shielding performance.
*The cable does not contain heavy metals, green environmental protection, low smoke halogen-free flame retardant performance reached A
*The cable can be laid in indoor, buried in the wall, dry pipe and tunnel, light weight, saving installation bridge cost, have the same properties with pipeline laying mode.

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