Screened power cable - Shielding cable
Shielded cable
Shielded cable is the transmission line which is wrapped single wire by metal mesh braided layer. Braid layer is usually copper or tinned copper.
Use characteristics:
1. rated voltage 3.6/6KV U0/U
2. the long-term working temperature of the cable conductor is 90°C
3. the minimum bending radius of the cable is 6 times the diameter of the cable.
4. cable shall not be exposed in the sun for a long time
5. the bottom line core of the cable must be well grounded.
Main technical performance:
1. finished cable should withstand power frequency AC voltage test power line core is 11.0kv 5min
2. transition resistance
The transition resistance of the shield or monitoring layer should be no greater than 3kΩ.
3. combustion test
Cables shall be subjected to the combustion test.
4. partial discharge test
1.5U0 discharge is not more than 20PC
5. dielectric loss tangent test
U0 is not more than 0.035.
6. impulse voltage test
95°C, 60KV positive and negative character each 10 times, the cable pattern processing frequency 11KV voltage, 15min.
7. cable should be able to withstand 3U, 4H power frequency voltage test

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