1.5mm 3 core armoured cable
1.5mm 3 core armoured cable
No. of cores / size of cable: 3
Approx overall diameter: 13mm
Approx weight (m): 0.31
Current Rating: 23A
Product Code: 6943X 1.5mm
BS Number: BS5467
Conductors: Plain Annealed Stranded Copper
Insulation: Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
Core identification: Brown, Black & Grey
Bedding: PVC
Armour / Protection: Steel Wire
Sheath / Jacket: PVC
Colour: Black
Voltage: 600V/1000V
Operating temperature: 90°C Maximum
Standard: BASEC Approved; BS5467 Thermosetting Insulated
Application: Primarily found within powered networks and providing mains electricity to powered devices.
1.5mm 3 Core Armoured Cable is one kind of electrical cable, primarily found in electrical installations such as powered devices and networks, powering outdoor features such as lighting and jacuzzis, as well as industrial installations.
3 Core Cable contains brown, black & grey coloured cores. It's construction is commonly identified as steel for the wire armour, PVC for the outer sheathing and bedding, XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) for the insulation and plain annealed stranded copper for the cores.

As the cable contains steel wire armour, this not only provides mechanical protection, but also can be used as earth wire for the cable.

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