Armoured network cable for sale
Armoured network cable for sale
Conductor: Ф0.515mm (AWG 24) Solid copper conductor
Insulation: PE
Sheild: Al plastic composite foil,Nominal thickness is 70μm,aluminium layer thickness ≥40μm
Drain wire: Ф0.4mm Tin plated copper conductor
Inner sheath: Blue rat bite polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (thickness:0.7mm)
Lining layer: black PE
Armour layer: steel plastic composite with longitudinal bag (thickness:0.25mm)
Outer sheath: black PE (thickness:1.9mm)
Cable diameter: 13.4mm
Logo: Gritty 1009.08 Armored Industrial Ethernet Cable F/UTP CAT5e
Electrical properties:
20 ℃ dc resistance of conductor: ≤93.8Ω/km
20℃ dc resistance of conductor unbalanced: ≤5%
Nominal working capacity (1kHz): ≤5.6nF/100m
Line on capacitance unbalance: ≤330pF/100m
Nominal transmission speed: 65%
Delay differential: ≤45ns/100m
Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ?km
Maximum working voltage: 300V
Mechanical properties:
Operating temperature range: -20℃ to +75℃
Minimum bending radius: 25 times of the diameter of the cable (installation)
Allowable press force: short-term ≥ 3000N/10cm; long term:≥ 1000N/10cm
Unit weight: 220kg/km

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