Overall diameter of cables - 0.6/1KV YJV multi-core cable outer diameter
YJV cable is one kind of XLPE steel tape armoured cable, every kind cable specifications are different, voltage level is differnet, so its outer diameter is different. Through same voltage level cable has same area, but has different core numbers, central line size is different, cable outer diameter is different.
For example:
YJV-0.6/1kv 3*16
YJV XLPE cable is coarctation wire core, 16mm2 coarctation conductor outer diameter is 4.8mm
Insulation thickness is 0.7mm, so single core diameter is 4.8+2*0.7=6.2mm
Three cores cable shows triangle arrangement, so outer diameter is 6.2*2.154=13.4mm
Cabling need wrap non-woven fabric, thickness is 0.2mm, so 13.4+2*0.2=13.8mm
Outer sheath thickness is 0.035*13.8+1=1.5mm, so the final outer diameter is 13.8+2*1.5=16.8mm
Other similar algorithm:
10mm2 conductor diameter is 3.8mm;
6mm2 conductor diameter is 2.8mm;
4mm2 conductor diameter is 2.3mm;
Insulation thickness is about 0.7mm, four core change 2.154 to 2.414.

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