Cable metal sheathed wiring type
Metal sheath has two main functions:
1. water barrier function: to prevent XLPE insulation contact with water to water-treeing, the metal sheath is radial water-resistant layer of cable;
2. can accept the zero sequence short-circuit current thermal stability is good. According to the production process can be divided into three categories: squeeze seamless metal sleeve, longitudinal weld metal sheath and integrated jacket, etc.
The materials used are lead, aluminum, copper and stainless steel, etc.
Manufacturing and structural characteristics of metal sleeve:
Seamless lead sleeve by continuous press lead machine extruding seamless continuous lead sleeve
Lead chemical stability, corrosion resistance
Corrugated seamless lead set by continuous or non continuous pressure machine aluminum extrusion aluminum sleeve and rolling corrugated cable weight light, with active chemical properties of aluminum, external sheath damage after aluminum sleeve perforation and larger diameter
Weld corrugated aluminum sleeve for welding aluminum volume after rolling again, but has longitudinal seam
Weld corrugated copper sleeve copper roll for welding after the corrugated longitudinal seam, the larger outer diameter
Turnkey welder welding and corrugating longitudinal seam weld stainless steel corrugated stainless steel plate, thermal stability capacity than longitudinal copper sets of low and larger diameter
Comprehensive sheath PE aluminum foil composite film longitudinal lap cover wrapped hot air welding cable, light weight, aluminum foil waterproof layer, the copper wire shielding meet thermal stability.

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