IEC 60502 3 core power cable specifications
IEC 60502 3 core armoured power cable
Three core cable design and distribution range is 3.8/6.6KV to 19/33KV, the frequency is 50Hz. Mainly used in the power supply station, indoor and outdoor pipelines, underground water and other places, as well as the industry, power station, power station cable installation.
IEC 60502 Part 1 (1.8/3KV)
IEC 60502 Part 2 (to 18/30KV 3.6/6KV)
IEC 60502 3 core power cable
Conductor: plain annealed copper or aluminum conductor, with IEC 60228 (1 class and 2 class).
Conductor shield: conductor shielding should be non metallic, and should include a semi conductive compound, semiconductor band used in the top of the semiconductor complex.
The conductor shielding layer is applied to the three important extrusion process in the outer and the insulation shield. The conductor shielding layer is made of non metallic layer, and the semi conductive compound must be firmly adhered to the insulation, and all gaps are eliminated. Conductor shielding layer for 1.8/3KV - 3.6/6KV PVC, EPR/HEPR insulated cable is not necessary.
Insulation: 1.8/3KV and 3.6/6KV cable is generally used in PVC insulation, can also use EPR/HEPR, XLPE insulation.
Physical properties:
Operating temperature: 70°C (PVC insulation), up to 90°C (XLPE or EPR insulation)
Temperature range: -5 °C(PVC); -20 °C(PE).
Short circuit temperature (the longest duration at short circuit is no more than 5S): 140-160 °C(PVC sheath); 250 degree°C(PE sheath)
Bending radius: 15D
1.8/3 KV Three core Unarmoured cable and round steel wire armoured cable structure parameters (Um = 3.6 KV):
1.8/3 KV 3 core power cable
3 core 3.8/6.6KV (Um=7.2KV)
3 core 6/10KV (Um=12KV)
3 core  8.7/15KV (Um=17.5KV)
3 core 12/20KV (Um=24KV)
3 core 18/30KV (Um=36KV)
3 core 21/35KV (Um=42KV)
3 core 26/35KV (Um=42KV)
3 core rated current 1.8/3KV(Um=7.2 )KV to 26/35KV(Um=42KV)

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