2.5mm2 3 core cable for sale
2.5mm 3 core armoured cable2.5mm 3 core armoured cable Specifications:
XLPE electric cable 
1.IEC standard 
2.Low /high voltage 
3, Copper/aluminum conductor 
4.PVC/XLPE insulation, jacket,armored
It is used to transmit and distribute power in 0.6/1KV power transmission and distribution system, apply to lay indoor, tunnel, cable trench.
2.5mm 3 core armoured cable Instruction parameter:
1. Rated voltages: 0.6/1 kV-26/35 kV
2. The ambient temperature for installation: ≥0°C
3.  Maximum conductor temperature in normal operation:≤90°C
4.  Max operating temperature of con. When cable short-circuited (5s maximum duration): 250°C
5.  Permissible bending radius:
Single cable: [20(D+d) ±5%] mm
Multi cable: [15(D+d) ±5%] mm

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