16mm SWA cable - Cu/PVC/PVC steel wire/tape armoured cable
16mm SWA cable manufacturer
16mm Armoured Cable is one kind of electrical cable. This kind cable specification:
Conductor: Stranded Copper
Insulation: PVC
Armour: Steel Wire / Steel tape armoured
Jacket: PVC or PE
Voltage: 600V/1000V
Operating temperature: 90°C Maximum
Model: single core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core, 3+1 core,3+2 core, 4+1 core, and multicore
16mm Armoured Cable is found in a wide range of industries across the globe. Some examples of the most common ones are:
- The transport industry;
- Railway industry;
- Underneath roads carrying mains electricity to buildings;
- Cable ducting within warehouses.
Usage characteristics:
1. rated voltage: U0 /U is 0.6/1kV
2. cable laying temperature should be no less than 0℃
3. the highest temperature of the cable at the time of short circuit (the longest duration is not more than 5S): polyvinyl chloride insulation (PVC/A) 160℃; cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) 250℃.
4. the maximum allowable working temperature of the cable conductor: 90℃ for PVC insulation, and 70℃ for polyethylene insulation.
5. minimum bending radius when the cable is installed: the minimum allowable bending radius is 15D, near junction box and terminal the minimum allowable bending radius is 12D. D - cable outer diameter.
600/1000V Circular 4 core 16mm Cu/PVC/PVC Armoured Cable:
Cross Section of Conductor No. of Wires Thickness of Insulation Thickness of Inner Sheath Thickness of Steel Tape No./Dia. Of Steel Wires Thickness of Sheath Overall Diameter Approx. Net Weight
STA SWA STA SWA STA SWA Al Conductor Cu Conductor Al Conductor Cu Conductor
mm2 - mm mm mm No./mm mm mm mm mm kg/km kg/km kg/km kg/km
4x16 7 1 1 0.2 35/1.6 1.8 1.8 23.3 26.1 723 1110 1213 1601

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