16mm 2 core low-smoke halogen-free fire-resistant armoured cable
Low-smoke halogen-free fire-resistant armoured cable:
Term interpretation:
Low smoke: in the test conditions, test sample, the heat decomposition of the sample under the fire and release less smoke, in line with the provisions of the indicators.
Low halogen: under specified test conditions, sample when burned, release of halogenated gases hydrogen gas content rarely, in line with the specified index properties.
Flame retardant: under certain test condition, sample is burn, after removed from the fire, the flames spread only within the scope of the provisions, remnant spark or burning within the prescribed time self extinguishing characteristics.
16mm 2 Core Armoured Cable is one kind of electrical cable, which has 16mm cross-sectional diameter armoured cable.
16mm 2 Core Armoured Cable structure:
16mm 2 Core Armoured Cable structure
1.plain annealed stranded copper used for the conductors/cores;
2.cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) for the insulation;
3.PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) for both the bedding and sheathing;
4.steel tape for the armour protecting;
5.Voltage: 600V/1000V
The steel wire armour also provides a form of mechanical protection, which means that it has higher pulling loads making it suitable for being dispensed from large cable drums. As well as providing mechnical protection, it also ensures that the cable can withstand highly corrosive environments such as being installed underground as well as being attached to outdoor walls.
16mm 2 Core Armoured Cable is used in a wide range of industries across the globe. Some examples of the most common are:
- The transport industry
- Railway industry
- Underneath roads carrying mains electricity to buildings
- Cable Ducting within warehouses.
Execution standard:
The enterprise standard is formulated in accordance with the standards of GB/T5023-2008, GB/Tl2706-2008, and its fire resistance is in line with the requirements of GB/Tl9666 class. Test of poisonous gas content and smoke density in cable burning accord with GB/T17650.2-98 and GB/T17651.2-98, smoke toxicity accord with GBl32 security level requirement.
Usage characteristics:
1, the long-term working temperature of the conductor is 70℃ and 90℃.
2, the cable under the condition of 750℃-850℃, can maintain normal operation for more than 1.5 hours, as B grade fire. Under the condition of 950℃-1000℃, the cable can be maintained for 1.5 hours or more, as A grade fire.
3, toxic gas content and smoke density test results comply with GB / T17650.2-98 and GB / T17651.2-98 requirements.
4, smoke toxicity in accordance with the requirements of the GAl32 safety level.
2 core low-smoke halogen-free fire-resistant armoured cable parameter:
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