How to use of buried armoured cable?
Directly buried cable is called as buried cable, along the selected line digging trenches, cables are buried in the inside. The cable less number, the longer line often use this method. Construction shall meet the following requirements:
(1) cable directly buried in the ground usually use armoured cable.
(2) excavating ditch must be soft soils, no rocks or other hard debris, otherwise shall put 100mm soft soil or sand, the soil around the cable should not contain metal wrapping material (strong acid corrosion cable broken solution, lime, slag, humus and harmful materials waste, etc.) otherwise, shall remove or change soil, buried depth shall not less than o.7m (in the cold area, the cable should be laid below the frozen layer).
(3) cable laying is completed, the above should cover with 100mm soft soil or fine sand, and then cover the concrete protection board, covering width should exceed 50mm than the cable diameter on both sides. In general, can use brick to replace the concrete protection board.
(4) outside the cable intermediate connector box requires pig iron or concrete cover. If the surrounding medium have a corrosive effect on cable, or underground water and often in winter may be frozen, in the protective box fill asphalt.
(5) the cable connector must cushion concrete base plate, and its length is about 600 - 700mm. Cables from the earth ditch is introduced into the tunnel, manhole and buildings, wear in the pipe, pipe orifice is blocked, preventing water leakage.
(6) the cable cross each other, and the non-thermal pipe and groove cross, and through the highway and wall, must wear in the protective tube, the length of the protection tube should exceed 1m of the intersection, the net distance can not be less than 250mm, the protective tube internal diameter can not be less than 1.5 times of the diameter of the cable.
(7) Distance parallel between cables and buildings should be more than 0.6m, away from the pole 0.6m, and the drainage ditch distance should be more than Im, and the heat pipe flat F5 is 2m, and the distance from trees is L5m.
(8) no-armored cable draw forth the ground from the underground, the height is 1.8m. In the next part, the metal pipe or protective cover is required to protect against mechanical damage.
(9) reliably grounded at both ends of metal sheathed cables, the N mesh is not greater than 100.
(10) non-permanent buildings place through the cable, F pile, joint and turning need also lay buried cable peg.

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