laying armoured cable requirements
laying armoured cable

Cable installation requirements:
(1) evident laying: non-armoured cable indoor horizontal installation from the ground level height is not less than 2.5m, the vertical laying is on the ground 1.8m range, should prevent the mechanical damage measures, but evident laying in the electrical special room except. The high and low voltage cables are usually laid separately and the distance between them should not be less than 150mm, the same voltage level distance is not less than 35mm. Cable and heat pipe parallel distance is not less than 1m, cross not less than 0.5m, the cable is not easy to set up above the thermal facilities.
(2) concealed buried: buried cable wear protection, tube diameter should not be less than 1.5 times of cable diameter. Where there is water or large wet place and there are flammable and combustible gases, the cable trench is not located in the place. General dry place allowed to set up cable trench, cable trench laying cable should be paid attention to in the bracket installation, the cable should be placed in the upper layer of the control cable, the same voltage power cables and control cables can be juxtaposed laying. The length of a cable bracket in the cable trench should not be greater than 350mm, cable support layer between the vertical spacing should not be less than 150mm, power cable between the level spacing should not be less than 35mm or not less than the outer diameter of the cable. Cable trench should be added to import protection tube. The nozzle should be kept smooth, mouth waterproofing measures should be taken with the mouth or flare. When the cable is put on, each root can only be put on a single cable, but the AC single core cable can not be worn alone in the steel tube. Cable entry floor, wall, floor should be wearing protective tube in the room. Cable into the cable trench, tunnel, shaft, the building panel is for fire prevention, waterproof, anti small animals into the cause of the accident, the entrance should be sealed.
(3) overhead evident laying: laying cable on the bridge, the same voltage can be juxtaposed, but cable distance not less than 35mm or between the outer diameter of the cable. The net distance between the aerial and the cable and the heat pipe is not less than 1m, which can not reach the requirement of heat insulation measures, and the net distance from other pipelines is not less than 0.5m,. Cable suspension power cable fixed point intervals should not greater than 0.75m, control cable should not be greater than 0.6m, vertical suspension power cable should not be greater than 1.5m, control cable should be less than 0.75m, or to increase the fixed point.
(4) cable buried depth should not less than 0.7m, across farmland should not be less than 1m, avoid land digging, digging land drains or tractor and other reasons due to damage to the cables. Buried cable on the layer should be not less than 100mm thick soft soil or fine sand. Sand layer decoration brick, prevent direct mechanical damage. The buried cable in the trench to serpentine placed, can not pull too straight. Longer power cable at the two ends to disk 1--2 circle, the diameter of the circle is not less than 1m,. A plurality of parallel buried cable, the line between the horizontal distance of not less than 100mm. In the cable laying side by side due to the effect of heat dissipation, power cable laying side by side should not be more than 6 root. Cable and roads, railway crossings should wear protective tube, protective tube should be extended on both sides of the subgrade 2m. The wall should wear protective tube, outdoor extending 0.5m. When the cable and heat pipe ditch cross, such as the use of thermal insulation layer protection, should exceed the heat pipe ditch on both sides of the 1m. Treatment of buried cable and wire joints on the ground should be obvious azimuth marks or firm signs. A cable is transferred from the ground to the upper wall, and 2m section above the ground shall add metal protection tube.

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