How to do stripping armoured cable?
1. Straightening cable, clean cable's outer sheath (after straightening, the cable end's three cores flush).
2. According to the drawing peel specified length outer sheath, incision should be neat.
3. stripping armoured layer: from the outer layer fracture place to the cable end, measure the specified length armoured layer, after using copper cable bound and fixed, then peel.
Cutting depth shall not exceed 2/3 of the thickness of armored, incision should be neat, can't leave sharp corners, burrs, during cutting, don't hurt the inner structure.
4. peel the inner layer and filling materials, at the armoured layer disconnect place, leave specified length inner layer, the rest is peeled. incision should be neat, don't hurt the copper shield.
5. install the ground line, polish armoured ground wire welding zone, use ground line to connect each phase copper shield and armour layer, and weld. If adopt double ground, armour layer and copper shield should separatly welding ground line. Welding points and wire head should be neat, can't leave sharp corners, burrs; the ground line sealing section should do dampproofing.(permeability tin or package sealant)
6. Surrounding the filling glue.
7. Fixed fingerstall: set fingerstall into the trigeminal root, from fingerstall root to two ends heating, make contraction fixed.
8. peel the copper shield: by the fingerstall end measuring specified length copper shield, temporary fixation with PVC tape, then the rest is peeled. The copper shield should be not loosen, incision should be neat, can't leave sharp corners, don't hurt the semi-conducting layer.
9. Peel outer semi-conducting layer: retained specified length outer semi-conducting layer by copper shield end, the rest is strip
ped. Incision should be neat, don't hurt the main insulating layer.

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