high voltage cable insulation type selection
1. Oiled paper insulated cable has excellent electrical properties, insulated cables, has long history, can be used in ordinary occasions. For low and medium voltage (35kV and below), such as large cable gap, can choose not-drop flow cable; 110kV, 63kV can use self - containing oil filled cable; 220kV and above can preferred choose self - contained oil filled cable.
2. due to large dielectric loss of polyethylene insulated cables (PVC), it is not economical to operate at high voltage, so it is recommended only for 1kV and below lines.
3. for 6 - 110kV cross linked polyethylene cable (XLPE), because it is conducive to the operation and maintenance, through technical and economic comparison, can be used to local conditions; but the 220kV and above voltage level  products, should be careful in the selection.
4. ethylene propylene rubber insulated cables (EPR) for 35kV and below the line. Although the price is higher, but the moisture resistant performance is good, can be used for underwater laying and bending radius of smaller occasions.

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