Common electrical cable type, specifications and using range
XLPE insulation cable
Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable - XLPE insulation cable
1, product use: This product is suitable for rated voltage (U0/U) 3.6/6 to 26/35KV power line, for power transmission and distribution.
2, product standards: GB12706-91 rated voltage 35KV and the following copper core, aluminum core plastic insulated power cable.
3, product use characteristics:
(1) when the cable is laid under the condition of not less than 0℃, the cable shall not be heated in advance. The laying fall of the cable is not limited.
(2) cable core allowed working temperature shall not exceed the following provisions: the outer layer of PVC cable is 90℃; the outer protective layer of polyethylene cable is 80℃.
(3) the temperature of the wire core (the longest continuous 5S) shall not exceed 250℃.
(4) the minimum bending radius of the cable laying shall be as follows:
Single core cable: 20 (d+D)± 5%;
Three core cable: 15 (d+D)± 5%.
In the formula: D is the actual outer diameter of the cable, d is the actual diameter of the conductor.
PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable

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