What is the difference between PE, PVC and XLPE?
Polyethylene, English abbreviations: PE, is a polymer of ethylene, has no toxicity. Easy to color, good chemical stability, cold resistance, radiation resistance, good electrical insulation. It is suitable for food and drug packaging materials, making utensils, medical equipment, can also be used as insulating materials such as electronic industry.
Polyvinyl chloride, English abbreviations: PVC, is a polymer of vinyl chloride. Its chemical stability is good, acidproof, alkali resistant and some chemical drugs. It is resistant to moisture, aging and difficult to burn. When it is used, the temperature can not exceed 60 ℃, will be hard at low temperature. PVC soft plastic and hard plastic. Hard materials are generally made of tubes and plates, and pipes, used as pipes and pipes for conveying resistance to corrosive fluids.
Crosslinked polyethylene, English abbreviations: XLPE, is an important technology for improving the performance of PE. Through crosslinking modification PE can improve the mechanical properties greatly, the mechanical properties of the environment, the corrosion resistance, creep resistance and electrical properties of PE, and can improve the temperature resistance. It can increase the heat resistance temperature from 70℃ to 90℃, thus greatly expand the application range of PE. At present, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) has been widely used in pipe, film, cable and foam products.
The difference between PE, PVC and XLPE:
These three materials' heat resistance level is different, the use of environment is different, different processing performance, electrical performance is different, the product price is different, environmental protection class is different and so on.
PE: polyethylene, commonly used in wire or cable insulation, cable insulation material, medium constant low, suitable for data lines, communication lines, all kinds of computer peripheral wire core insulation. Has good chemical stability, can resist most of the acid, alkali, organic solution and the erosion of hot water, good electrical insulation, non-toxic harmless, excellent electrical performance, low operating temperature, low thermal aging, low transmission capacity, low overload.
PVC: Polyvinyl chloride, wire and cable industry general products, physical and mechanical properties, good processing performance, low cost and low price. But it has the largest amount of halogen, and the amount of the jacket is. Chlorine. High temperature decomposition will produce chlorine, using low temperature, low working temperature, thermal aging life is short, the transmission capacity is small, low overload ability, the harm of fire smoke, acid gas. The price is the cheapest.
XLPE: a new type of polyethylene with organic peroxide, high temperature resistance, good environmental performance and good environmental protection products, thermosetting plastics. Commonly used in the electronic line as well as high resistance to environmental requirements. With excellent electrical performance, low dielectric loss, excellent anti - aging properties and high heat resistance, high load capacity, chemical corrosion, high mechanical strength, as well as the electrical properties of PE, while long-term working temperature is higher than PE, mechanical performance is better than PE, ageing-resistant performance is good.

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