What is the difference between YJV cable and VV cable?
YJV cable and VV cable
YJV cable and VV cable in shape is difficult to identify, so most of the time, people often mistake, Let's introduce the difference between YJV cable and VV cable:
YJV - copper core cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed power cable
VV - copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable
1, their insulation material is different, YJV insulation is cross linked polyethylene insulation, VV is PVC insulation.
2, YJV cable only on the insulation material do cross link treatment to improve the heat resistance, and VV cable none.
YJV cable - voltage level (KV) 6 -500KV, allowing maximum working temperature is 90℃;
VV cable - voltage level (KV) 1 ~ 6KV, allowing maximum operating temperature is 65 to 70℃.
From the short circuit allowing maximum working temperature: YJV is 250℃, VV is 160℃.
3, YJV in the long run has longer service life than VV model, but more expensive than VV.
From the technical and economic indicators, three core YJV cable various parameters are higher than VV, such as: carrying capacity: 40℃ in the air, 10 square YJV: 60, VV: 46, but some design in the selection of cable, 40A circuit breaker uses 10 square YJV cable.
4, VV belongs to plastic power cable, YJV crosslinking cable, the insulating layer is better than plastic power cable.
In the civil construction recommended use YJV, the load flow ratio is larger than VV. Mainly in the electrical fire, because the insulated material does not contain chlorine, combustion does not produce toxic gases. So that the VV's environmental performance is worse. In the civilian nuclear power and other fields, VV has been largely replaced by YJV, but in a lot of industrial enterprises, VV application is still very wide, because its price is cheap.
So which one can be selected, customers shoud purchase according to actual need, budget and application. If you can not decide which one to choose, please contact us by E-mail: gaom@jpcable.net with detail, our salmen wiil reply you in 24h. Thank you.

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