How to cut armoured electrical cable?
1. Slip the pre-cut shroud and gland nut over the cable, then as if you were cutting right through, but turning the cable until you have cut only half way through just the armour wires all the way around.
2. Make sure you don't cut where you actually want the gland to be, but make it about 30 to 40 mm short of the actual gland position.
3. Bend the armour wires back and forth until the break off.
4. Cut the outer casing back from the ends of the armour wires about 30 mm and remove to expose the ends of armour, then take the inner insulated cables and rotate them around until you spread the armour wires out to fit the gland body.
5. Slide the gland body over the inner insulated cables, making sure you have caught every strand of armour, and tighten the nut right up until everything is secure.  Trim away the inner insulation at a convenient point for the length of the cable you need exposed inside the enclosure.
6. Position the gland in to the hole of the enclosure and slip the locking nut and anti-tear ferrule over the gland and tighten.

Above content is extracted from cable forum.

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