How to choose fitting armoured cable?
1. Wire and cable type selection:
Use of wire and cable, should consider the use, laying conditions and safety,etc.
According to the different uses, can choose the power cable, aerial insulated cables, control cables, etc.;
According to the different laying conditions, can choose general plastic insulated cable, steel tape armoured cable, steel wire armored cable, anti-corrosion cable.
According to the safety requirements, can choose the flame retardant cable, halogen free flame retardant cable, fire resistance cable, etc.
2. Selection of wire and cable specification:
Determine the wire and cable usage specifications (conductor cross section), should take into account heat, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength and other conditions.
According to experience, the low voltage power line has a larger load current, so it is generally based on heating conditions to select cross-section, and then check the voltage loss and mechanical strength; low voltage lighting line has higher requirement for the voltage level, so can select cross-section by allowing voltage loss conditions, then check heating condition and mechanical strength; For high-voltage lines, by the economic current density select cross-section, then check heating condition and allowing voltage loss, also should check mechanical strength.
If the user has no experience, should consult the views of the relevant professional units or persons.
3. The same specification aluminum conductor wire ampacity is about 0.7 times of the copper core, selection of aluminum conductor can be large specification than copper core wire, cross-linked polyethylene insulation can choose small specification, fire-resistant wire and cable should select larger specification.
4. When ambient temperature is high or adopt bright laying, and the safe carrying capacity will decline, at this time, should choose the larger size; when used for frequent starting motor, should choose 2-3 times specification.

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