What are the requirements for cable laying
power cable laying

Today's wire and cable is used to transmit (magnetic) energy, information and the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products.
1, the environment temperature: Due to meteorological variables, ambient temperature selecting is divide into underground, indoor and outdoor situation take different values. The laying site buried has water heating equipment factory tunnel, indoor cable tunnel, indoor cable trench or outdoor sun without heat source plant ventilation without mechanical ventilation mechanical ventilation or ventilation ventilation condition chooses the ambient temperature buried deep in the hottest month average temperature of the hottest day the highest temperature in the hottest month of daily maximum air temperature plus 5℃ when the tunnel cable number is large, shall account for the cable heat effects on the hottest day average temperature values.
2, installation. concealed, laying, bridge laying, groove laying, laying in different ways, different cooling conditions.
3, laying the parts. On the ground, underground, water, cable trench, electrical shaft and so on.
4, a plurality of cable and compress. Not only affect the heat condition, a plurality of heating cable also influence each other.
5, other media pipeline effects, such as hot water pipes, steam pipes and so on.
The cable actually allowed carrying capacity:
In practical engineering, fixed wiring system of each cable laying conditions are fixed, so the actual allows carrying capacity and said the ampacity of difference, depending in the actual installation conditions and said differences in laying conditions. Project to correction factor to correct the laying conditions brought about by the different cable allows load flow changes.
The typical correction coefficient is: the temperature correction coefficient, the correction coefficient, the soil thermal resistance correction coefficient and so on. In essence, the correction coefficient is the correction of the heat dissipation condition.

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