Where is armoured power cable application?
armoured power cable application

The first: directly buried laying
In possible soil displacement district, such as sand, backfill and large buildings, building neighborhood should choose steel wire armored cable that can withstand mechanical tension, or take reservation length, with sheet pile or pile reinforcement soil and other measures, to reduce or eliminate the cable stress by the soil displacement.
Plastic power cables directly buried laying, in use, may bear greater pressure or there is risk of mechanical damage, should choose steel tape armored; if none of the above situation, don't need armoured.
Power cable metal sheath or sheathed outside should match with plastic anti-corrosion sheath, in saline, swamp, or containing corrosive slag backfill,  should have enhanced protective outer sheath.
armoured power cable application
Second: underwater laying
Laying in navigable river, river rapids or bank erosion, bay, should adopt steel wire armored; in the floodplain width less than 100m, non navigable river or the trench bottom and river bed or river bottom stable occasions, can use steel tape armored. But, the steel wire and steel tape outside are required to have corrosion resistant plastic or fiber covering.
Third: pipe or pipe laying, should choose plastic outer jacket or reinforced lead sheath.

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