Armoured electric cable underground power cable manufacturers in China
Armoured electric cable

Outside insulation layer of the cable add a layer of metal or other substance (as the cable laying environment), so as to protect the cable will not be mechanical damage, outside chemical corrosive gases, and this layer is armored layer. Armored cable mechanical protection layer can be applied to any cable structure, to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, improve the anti erosion ability, is susceptible to mechanical damage and telephone cable highly erodible area design. The utility model can be laid in either way, and is more suitable for direct buried laying in rock areas.
Power cable, control cable, computer cable, marine cable and mine cable and other special properties cable, such as flame retardant cables, high temperature cables, low smoke halogen-free cable can add armour alyer, all known as armoured cable.
Armored cable types: VV22,YJV22,KVV22,KVVP2-22,KYJV22,YGC22,WDZR-YJV22,MHY32,DJYPV22,DJYP2V22,DJYP3V22,DJYVP22,DJYVP2-22,DJYVP3-22,DJYPVP22, etc.
Armoured electric cable manufacturers in China:
There are many armoured cable manufacturers in China, such as Shanghai Rongda Cable, Jiangxi Jinting Cable, People's Cable Group, Zhengzhou Jinyuan Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd, Huatong Cable, Huadong Cable, Zhengzhou Yifang Cable, Henan Jiapu Cable, Henan Tinde CABLE Group, etc.
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