What size swa cable do i need?
Wire and cable type selection:
Use of wire and cable, to consider the use, laying conditions and safety;
For example, according to the different usage, can choose the power cable, aerial insulated cables, control cables, etc.;
According to the different laying conditions, selection of general plastic insulated cable, steel tape armoured cable, steel wire armored cable, anti-corrosion cable.
According to the safety requirements, can choose to non-delay burning cable, flame retardant cable, halogen free flame retardant cables, fire resistance cables, etc.
Selection of wire and cable specification:
Determine the use of wire and cable specifications (conductor cross section), generally should take into account heat, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength and other conditions to choose. According to experience, the low voltage power line has a larger load current, so it is generally based on heating conditions, and then check the voltage loss and mechanical strength; low voltage lighting line, which can be selected by the allowable voltage level, and then check the thermal condition and mechanical strength.
SWA cable application:
Steel wire armoured power cable is mainly used for 35kV and below power transmission, power distribution system, for the transmission of electrical energy. Widely used in power, construction, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, transportation and other departments, has been completely replace the oil impregnated paper insulated power cables and alternatives to PVC insulated power cables. Steel wire armoured power cable can withstand certain tension.
SWA (steel wire armoured) cable selection:
General safety calculating method for copper wire:
2.5 square mm copper power line safety carrying capacity: 28A
4 square mm copper power line safety carrying capacity: 35A
6 square mm copper power line safety carrying capacity: 48A
10 square mm copper power line safety carrying capacity: 65A
16 square mm copper power line safety carrying capacity: 91A
25 square mm copper power line safety carrying capacity: 120A
If it is aluminum wire, wire diameter shall be 1.5-2 times of the copper wire. 
If the copper wire current is less than 28A, according to the 10A each square millimeter is safe.
If the copper wire current is greater than 120A, it is safe according to 5A each square millimeter
First according to use electrical power to calculation current current, I=P÷u.
According to the current to select line diameter.
Copper conductor ampacity is decided according to allowed conductors maximum temperature, cooling condition, laying conditions.
General copper wire safety ampacity is 5~8A/mm2, aluminum wire safe carrying capacity is 3~5A/mm2.
Calculation of copper wire cross-sectional area: use copper wire safe ampacity recommended values 5~8A/mm2, calculate the selected copper wire cross-sectional area scope: S=< I / (5-8) >=0.125 I ~0.2 I (mm2)
S----- copper wire cross-sectional area (mm2)
I----- load current (A)
Power calculation general load (also can be the use of electrical appliances, such as lights, refrigerators, etc.) divided into two kinds, one kind is   resistive load, another is inductive load. The formula to calculate the resistive load: P=UI
for fluorescent lamp load, calculation formula: P=UIcosф, in which the fluorescent lamp load power factor cosф=0.5.
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