What is sta? What is sta cable - steel tape armoured cable?
The purpose of armour:
When cable laying on the ground, pipeline, underwater, middle shaft occasions, in order to entrench the destruction of external mechanical force, or to bear a the weight tension of the cable, must have the armored layer composed of the steel strip, steel wire, etc.
sta cable
What is sta?
Steel tape armoured(STA) is only used for buried cables or ordinary wear tube, common ground, tunnel laying. For the last of the cable package to protect. Steel tape armoured is one kind of armored cable. General use the left double gap around the package, the lapping gap is not greater 50% of the bandwidth. And the inner steel strip gap should be close to the middle part of the outer strip.
Steel tape armoured commonly used galvanized steel and painted steel armor, common specifications can be divided according to the thickness: 0.25mm,0.3mm,0.5mm,0.8mm. Galvanized layer should be uniform and complete, no peeling, cracking, corrosion. The coating layer of painted steel strip should be uniform and continuous, allow a slight sagging, bruises, but may not have a large loss or missed.
Armored requirements:
1. steel strip width should meet the technical guidance;
2. The thickness of the overlapping shoule less than 6mm; or
 lapping clearance should not more than 50% of the steel strap width.
Steel tape armoured cable:
Suitable for fixed laying in AC 50Hz, can be used in rated voltage below 35kV transmission lines for transmission power.

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